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Final 4 Logistics is a Nashville, Tennessee-based independent freight dispatch company that works NATIONWIDE and is the one-stop shop for all your freight dispatch needs. Our professional and reliable team provides premium dispatch services that keep your truck moving with profitable loads while we equip your trucking company with superb back-office support.

Our Services

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Our team is customer service driven and detail oriented while providing high quality services including dispatching, route planning, and timely paperwork completion. We handle the day-to-day operations for our freight carriers allowing you to focus on the road.

Our dispatchers have stellar rate negotiation skills with a goal of obtaining maximum rates for carrier loads. We offer multiple logistics options tailored to help our carriers excel in an ever changing market. Final 4 Logistics is accessible 24/7 from origin to destination and beyond.

Total Dispatch Services

Rate Negotiation/ Top Paying Loads

Our team specializes in locating, negotiating, and booking prime rates for carriers. Final 4 Logistics’ services utilize technology to go far beyond conventional average rate negotiations, and we work with you to establish your business and brand as leaders in the industry.

Back Office Support

We can handle all your carrier paperwork, from packet set up, invoicing, insurance verification, broker and shipper credit checks, managing your loads, record keeping and much more. You can be assured that your business needs are in capable hands allowing you peace of mind while you navigate the roadways.

24/7 Access

Our skilled, dependable dispatchers are available around the clock. Updates will be provided via email, phone, and text from your dedicated dispatcher about any route or schedule changes.

No Forced Dispatching

Final 4 Logistics will not send our carriers out during unsafe road conditions nor to any areas where the carrier may feel uncomfortable driving.

TONU/ Detention/ Layover

All downtime for drivers will be negotiated to ensure drivers are compensated.

What’s Needed to Roll with Final 4 Logistics


Carrier Packet


Copy of CDL


Active Authority


Certificate of Insurance (min: $1,000,000 in auto liability & $100,000 in cargo coverage)


Signed W-9


Notice of Assignment (if using a factoring company)


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